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Adult Basic Education Questions:

  • In order to register for the HSE Test, you need to come in to the Adult Education office at Central Nine and fill out a registration form. You will need to provide three forms of ID: Your driver’s license or other government-issued picture ID and two other pieces of ID, which could include a Social Security card, birth certificate, bill, pay stub, etc.
  • If your picture ID is NOT from the state of Indiana, one of your other forms of ID must be a piece of mail, pay stub or lease with your local address, which proves you have been an Indiana resident for at least 30 days.
  • The cost to take the HSE Test is $90. You may pay with a credit or debit card or cash. If paying with cash, you must bring exact change. Full payment is due at registration.
  • Go to to obtain information regarding your HSE scores or copies of your certificate or transcript. Central Nine is a testing center only, we do not have access to official HSE scores. HSE scores will be available at Diploma Sender approximately 2-3 weeks after testing.
  • When you pass the test, a transcript and certificate will be mailed to by the state. Nothing is mailed if all subjects are not passed.
  • If you previously took the GED at Central Nine and need your official transcript, you can access this on Diploma Sender as well.
  • Indiana residents use their social security number as their ID# when creating an account. Please contact through their Contact Us page for questions.
  • You must first register for, then attend an orientation to be placed in an HSE class. There is a $20 material fee when you register, then the orientation and classes are free. Orientations are held several times monthly at Central Nine and other nearby locations.  You may register in person at the Central Nine Adult Ed office, or by phone, (317) 888-4401 x222.
  • After participating in an orientation, our staff will be able to discuss with you how soon you would likely be ready for the test, based on testing that is a part of orientation.
  • If you feel you do not need to attend classes, but still are unsure if you’re ready for the test, you may register for a HSE Readiness Test which can be taken at Central Nine for a $20.00 fee.  The HSEA Readiness Test is given once a month. You MUST pre-register for the Readiness Test.
  • Test Dates to view all HSE related test dates; the full test, retest and Readiness Test.
  • The test is given in two parts, on Monday and Tuesday evenings. You must be present both nights.

Monday Night Test Sections:

  • Reading (75 Minutes)
  • Science (85 minutes)
  • Social Studies (75 minutes)

Tuesday Night Test Sections:

  • Math part 1 (55 minutes-calculator)
  • Math part2 (50 minutes-no calculator)
  • Writing (105 minutes)
  • You must arrive by 4:45 pm, late arrivals may not be allowed to test.
  • You must present the same photo ID that you presented at registration or you will not be allowed to test.
  • A score of 500 is required on each section to pass, you keep the passing scores for those subjects.
  • If you fail a section, you may retake a section (or multiple sections) on a retest night. These are scheduled once a month on Mondays.
  • The cost is $18 per section
  • You may test up to 3 times in a 6 month period.
  • To be placed in an ESL class, you must call or visit our office to register for an orientation.
  • Orientations consist of 2-3 hour sessions. There are both morning and evening times available each month.
  • Orientation & classes are free, although there is a $20 material fee payable at the time of registration.
  • Upon completion of orientation, you will be assigned to a class.

Continuing Ed Questions:

Central Nine is not a degree-issuing institution and does not offer college-credit courses. However, we have several certificate and state license programs. Click the programs below for more information:

  • Certified Nurses’ Assistant (state license)
  • Emergency Medical Technician (state license)
  • Firefighter (state license)
  • Welding (Industry certification)
  • Please call or visit our office for more information.You may also visit our Continuing Education page for more info. Click Here.
  • You many register for some classes by phone with a credit card payment, but some require you to register in person.
If you have further questions, call or visit us.
(317) 888-4401, Ext. 222.

Office Hours:
Monday – Thursday – 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Friday – 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.